We help buy new and pre-owned certified local delivery bi-fuel and dedicated CNG trucks. We have been in the CNG business for many years and understand how important reliability is for your business. That is why all of our CNG trucks go through a very rigorous inspection and are certified to be free of any CNG-related problems. The Majority of the CNG trucks will come with brand new CNG engine that is backed by our 1 years / 100,000 miles power train warranty.
Developed and supported by a team of highly experienced CNG professionals
Backed by one of the largest NGV technology company in the world
Brand New CNG Engine with 1 Years / 100,000 Miles Warranty
Certified Pre-Owned CNG Trucks at the fraction of the new CNG vehicle cost

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Pick from a wide selection of CNG Box Trucks that are ready to be purchased now. Whether you are trying to start your alternative fuel program or meet government regulations, our CNG trucks will get you going for a fraction of the cost. With CNG trucks not only you can save money but also help the community you operate in. Worrying about changing fuel prices becomes a thing of the past as the CNG fuel cost does not fluctuate as diesel or gasoline.

In addition, we have made a CNG truck and CNG bus purchasing process quick and painless. There are only two major decision any buyer should make:

1. Lease or Buy         2. Pick up or Deliver

CNG Box Trucks


International Vehicle Sale and Lease specializes in selling Pre-Owned CNG Class 6 and Class 7 local delivery trucks / Box trucks and Type-C CNG School Buses with variety of fuel packages to address different fuel range needs. These are dedicated CNG trucks and School buses that come with brand new CNG engines with warranty. In addition, we offer selections of Certified pre-owned CNG Metro buses, CNG Dump trucks, CNG Isuzu trucks, CNG Trash trucks, and CNG Class 8 trucks.

Pre-owned Certified Class 8 CNG trucks are available in conventional and day cab versions. We offer dedicated CNG trucks and Class 8 trucks with dual-fuel technology.

We offer pre-owned certified natural gas-powered trucks from industry leaders including Peterbilt, International, Ford and Isuzu. Our sales specialists are experts in natural gas technologies and can help find the right solution for your business. We have a team that understands Federal, State and local laws and regulations and can help you take advantage of available grants, incentives and tax deductions.

All of the CNG vehicles we sell go through inspection process and we fix any and all known problems, as well as, update necessary CNG components before those CNG trucks become available for sale. Below are the CNG trucks we offer for sale.

Feel free to contact us if you want us to buy your next CNG Truck or Bus or if you are looking for a specific application of the CNG truck we can assist you with all your CNG needs.


CNG Delivery Truck

In 2017 Wing Power Systems started to provide a new natural gas engine offered in the Class 6 truck. The 7.6L Engine, which is both EPA and CARB certified offers the best power-to-weight ratio in its class, up to 260 HP and 540 lb. ft of torque.

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cng school bus

CNG School Bus

The New DT466 CNG engine in a refurbished certified CNG Type C school bus allows any ISD to implement a comprehensive CNG program at an exceptional value. At as little as $49 a day, our lease-to-purchase options will help you to increase your fleet without increasing liabilities on your balance sheet.
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Class 8 CNG Truck

We offer pre-owned certified natural gas-powered trucks from industry leaders including Peterbilt, International, Ford, Volvo, etc. Please select from dedicated CNG trucks or Class 8 CNG trucks with dual-fuel technology. Our sales specialists are experts in natural gas technologies and can help find the right solution for your business.
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CNG Shuttle Bus

CNG-equipped shuttles and vehicles that now has been around for many years and continue playing prominent roles in fleets of all types. CNG vehicles range from vans for smaller loads to bus-size vehicles that can serve as tour buses. Incorporating CNG Shuttles into your fleet is a great way to save money and do the environment a favor.
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CNG financing


Natural gas is a clean-burning, abundant, and domestically
produced energy source.

In the fleet world, these attributes have garnered growing
interest in compressed natural gas (CNG) for medium- and heavy-duty
vehicles. CNG can also reduce operating costs and offer
relative price stability compared to conventional petroleum fuels.

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Low CNG Prices

As long as natural gas fuel is priced advantageously, the savings arising from fuel costs could be substantive, offsetting the initial cost premium of natural gas engine systems within one to a few years of operation, based on fuel use profile and annual fuel cost savings.
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Cleaner and Greener

Green House Gas (GHG) emission benefits over petroleum fuels, typically in the range of 11 to 25%, it supports the overall reduction of transport sector emissions and can do so while displacing diesel and gasoline consumption.
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Least Volatile Fuel

Natural gas is domestically produced, abundant, has enhanced pipeline and storage infrastructure, is geographically diverse and has less exposure to international conflicts and weather-related disasters than oil based fuels like gasoline, diesel and propane.

Less Maintenance

With fewer oil changes and less impurities going into the engine, CNG vehicles provide cheaper overall maintenance. Heavy duty CNG trucks do not need DEF and other after engine treatment technologies to meet environmental standards, eliminating all hassle associated with those.
CNG National Security

National Security

Natural gas is a fuel that is 90% domestically produced in the United States. By contrast, 40% of crude-oil based fuels come from foreign sources.
cng park

Government Mandates

Recent changes to government-mandated regulations and increasing gas prices in today’s tough economy have led many fleet managers to consider alternative fuels such as CNG.
CNG airport

Preferential Treatment

Use of the CNG trucks in many places provides incentives like: front of the line access in air and sea ports, use of an HOV line, access to certain areas otherwise prohibited to Heavy-duty trucks.
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Economic Incentives

Both Federal and State governments provide many incentives to use CNG as an alternative fuel and have variety of programs to support fleets who choose to commit using CNG.


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